Shah Jahan’s Throne تخت طاؤس

Shah Jahan’s Throne, Thakt-e-Taaos تخت طاؤس or Peacock Throne is one of the most famous and most valuable throne is the history. According to The History Channel, the throne would be worth $1 billion today.

A painting of Peacock Throne (

Nadir Shah invaded India in 18th century and took the throne with him to Iran. Most people do not know what happened to the throne. One popular belief is that it is destroyed during war. (,

But, a similar throne is present in Topkapi Museum, Istanbul. The throne was a gift to the Ottoman king by  Nadir Shah. Is it the original throne or its copy? 

The webpage compares the description of two thrones and proposes that the throne in Istanbul is not the real Peacock Throne, but a copy of it. (The  copy too was made in India.)


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    Good piece of information. Keep adding any new updates in case you receive any.

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